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Basim’s Story: What it’s Like to Get Your Life Back

Basim suffered from PCS (Post-Concussion Syndrome) for over 2 years before he received MyoWorx® treatment. Basim’s PCS was due to receiving multiple concussions as a boxer and hockey player.

For an enthusiastic athlete, PCS was hard to take – he was unable to do even simple activities such as walking and mini putting without experiencing debilitating symptoms that would often last for weeks.

In Search of PCS Solutions

Basim, not unlike most long-time PCS sufferers, had made a lot of attempts at finding treatment. He had seen multiple doctors, including one of the top neurologists in Toronto, and had undergone in-depth diagnostic tests such as MRIs and CTs.

“Nobody could really help me.”

The specialists and doctors that Basim saw told him that he needed to simply wait, and his PCS should resolve on its own, but it didn’t. When you’ve been suffering for as long as two years, it’s hard to believe time will ever help you get better.

Finding the Right Treatment for a Concussion

Basim persevered, and didn’t take no for an answer. Eventually he discovered MyoWorx®, which turned out to be exactly the right treatment for him.

“I basically got my life back.”

MyoWorx® was the first treatment system that took time to explain exactly why he was experiencing his symptoms, and to tailor and monitor a custom plan that suited Basim’s exact needs. To be able to understand why he was feeling the way he was feeling was a huge relief in and of itself.

Within 2 weeks of MyoWorx® therapy, Basim had seen more improvement than he had in the last 2 years. After a few months, he was able to run again, lift weights again, and swim again. One of the biggest highlights for Basim was that when he did happen to push his body too hard and experience symptoms, he had the tools and knowledge to manage the symptoms on his own.

“The treatment is very thorough and you have the power in our hands to do the treatment at home… you do see progress and that’s the most encouraging thing.”

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About the Author:

Bert Oucharek

B.Sc. (H.K.) Reg. Kin. Vice President of MyoWorx

Bert is the Vice President of MyoWorx® Inc. He has been with Terry Moore and the MyoWorx® Team since its inception in 2008. Bert is a graduate of the University of Guelph Honours Bachelor of…

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