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MMTR Physiotherapy

MyoWorx® was developed through ongoing research at our pioneer clinic, MMTR Physiotherapy.  30 years of experience working with concussion patients has provided the framework to make the MyoWorx® program what it is today.

MMTR Physiotherapy is currently the only clinic that offers the MyoWorx® treatment protocol.  The MMTR clinic has a multi-disciplinary team that includes physiotherapists, kinesiologists and Terry Moore, a cardiovascular/neuromuscular physiologist.

MMTR Physiotherapy is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  The address for the clinic is 77 Westmount Road, Suite 201, Guelph, ON, N1H 2J1.

If you are interested in booking a treatment you can call MMTR Physiotherapy at 519-837-0701, Toll-Free 1-877-503-MMTR (6687), email at, or visit our website at

MMTR Physiotherapy: MyoWorx® Short Stay Program

Are you interested in MyoWorx® treatment but don’t live near Guelph, Ontario?  No problem!  We get so many treatment requests from “out-of-town” patients that we have created a short stay program to accommodate their needs.

Our short stay program is designed for international patients and those traveling from a distance to see us for treatment.  We generally recommend that our out of town patients come for a two-week treatment plan, although options to come for more or less time could be discussed.  

During those two weeks, patients typically come in for one treatment every day, Monday to Friday, and can take the weekend to rest or do some sightseeing.  Our data for concussion treatment shows that daily treatments result in a higher rate of symptom improvement compared with a lower frequency of treatments. This means, that although out of town patients only stay for a short, two-week program, the majority see significant improvements in their symptoms within that time frame.  

Overall, the program has a strong focus on education, so patients learn how to manage symptoms on their own when they return home.

For more information about the program (including accommodation and travel), click here!