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Concussions In High School Sports

Concussions have been extremely high profile in the news these days – particularly as related to professional athletes. Recent events such as the now notorious instance of retired NFL players suing their league, and an upcoming film about the same topic, have been helping to drive awareness about the serious issues that concussions can present to professional athletes. What doesn’t hit the news or, in our opinion, get discussed nearly enough, are concussions in youth athletes.

The Dangers of Concussions for Youth Athletes

Youth athletes are just as susceptible to concussions as pros – perhaps more so, as they are likely to have weaker muscles (your neck and upper-back muscles act as a suspension system to protect the brain). Not only that, but concussions can also be worse for youths due to their developing brains.

What makes things especially dangerous for youth athletes is that suffering one concussion makes you much more susceptible to a second. What you also may not know is that receiving a second concussion before fully recovering from the first is extremely dangerous – especially for youths. This is called Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) and though rare, if it occurs, it can result in serious brain damage or even death. Youths could also be more at risk if you consider that there is not the same real-time monitoring and attention by physicians to catch concussions when they first occur, as we are seeing now in professional sports.

Not only can concussion hinder the physical development of a teenage or child brain, they can also hinder social and educational development as well. PCS (post-concussion syndrome) can change the life of a student, who may not be able to participate in school while they recover. There is also the risk for potential long-term damage to the brain. Luckily, as of yesterday, Ontario has proposed concussion rules for youth sports, inspired by a tragic incident in which multiple concussions cost the life of a youth athlete.

Full Recovery is Key for Return to Play

Fortunately, though concussions are impossible to avoid, it is possible to treat them properly. This poster, created by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is a great resource for youth athletes and walks through how to manage a concussion the moment it occurs. It’s important to follow the tips on this poster, but more important to follow doctor guidelines, especially for return-to-play timelines.

Concussion symptoms can also be treated with the MyoWorx treatment, which can speed up recovery and reduce the risk of future concussions. Call MyoWorx today and learn how you or your child can get back to the sport they love sooner and stronger than ever.

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