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The Research

MyoWorx® compiles and analyzes research of patients on a continuous basis. Our research has found that not only is the number of treatments effective, but also the frequency of treatments a patient receives significantly impacts their results.

Below is a recent analysis of the average improvement that patients have received for various symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome. This is merely a snapshot of our analysis and results.

The Efficacy and Frequency of a Combination Myofascial Treatment
for Long Standing Symptoms Post Concussion

Research conducted by: Moore T., B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD (ABD), Borys T., MD, PhD,
Oucharek B., B.Sc. (HK), R.Kin. MMTR Physiotherapy, Guelph, ON, Canada

RPQ-3 Symptoms Patients with Symptom Positive Responders Average Improvement P value *Significant
Headaches 97 77% 58% *0.001e-09
Dizziness 75 75% 79% *0.009e-06
Nausea / Vomiting 43 77% 92% *0.002e-03
RPQ-13 Symptoms Patients with Symptom Positive Responders Average Improvement P value *Significant
Noise Sensitivity 71 75% 74% *0.004e-05
Sleep Disturbance 69 58% 75% *0.007e-02
Fatigue 82 72% 63% *0.002e-05
Irritable 65 80% 73% *0.005e-05
Feeling Depressed 64 75% 76% *0.002e-06
Frustrated / Impatient 76 80% 71% *0.001e-07
Forgetful 76 79% 78% *0.006e-08
Poor Concentration 84 79% 67% *0.003e-08
Take Longer to Think 84 71% 70% *0.001e-08
Blurred Vision 36 69% 92% *0.001
Light Sensitivity 68 68% 75% 0.006e-05
Double Vision 15 87% 90% *0.004
Restlessness 59 71% 83% 0.117


Observational study

Low frequency group (62 subjects)

High frequency group (39 subjects; > 4 treatments/week for first 1-3 weeks)


N= 101 subjects

No subjects withdrew from the study due to adverse effects.

Subjects were experiencing symptoms for 12 weeks or longer post concussion


MyoWorx® TM20 electrotherapy applied with heat for 30 minutes

12-15 minutes of myofascial release

Stretching and strengthening exercises

All above focused on paraspinal muscles of the neck and upper back

Outcome Measures/Analysis

Rivermead Post Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire (RPQ)

Modified Scoring System From Eyres 2005 where both RPQ-3 and RPQ-13 scores were > 0 at intake

Separate linear mixed models of up to 4 follow-ups

Wilcoxin-signed rank test for individual symptoms



  • Treatment was effective on both RPQ-3 (p<0.0001) and RPQ-13 (p<0.0001) scores
  • High frequency group demonstrated an accelerated rate of recovery on both RPQ-3 (p=0.0031) and RPQ-13 (p=0.0033)
  • High frequency group data was based on an average 27 days versus 72 days for Low frequency group
  • Patients demonstrated improvement in all symptoms (Restlessness not statistically significant)


  • Unlike any other intervention, this treatment provides enhanced recovery of chronic post concussion symptoms simultaneously for all 4 domains suggesting concussion (cognitive, somatic, affective and sleep disturbances)
  • High frequency of intervention provides an accelerated rate of recovery

MyoWorx® research results reveal the effectiveness of the MyoWorx® Concussion Treatment for chronic Post Concussion Syndrome. The MyoWorx® team of medical professionals conducted all research at the MMTR Physiotherapy Clinic based in Guelph Ontario, using the MyoWorx® Treatment protocol and the results of the study were presented at the 91st ACRM Conference.

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Research advisory group called upon to vet research findings:

  • Dr. Tom Borys, MD, PhD -Family Physician
  • Dr. Lawrence Jones, BA DDS -Practice restricted to Orofacial Pain

    Licensing and Certification

    MyoWorx® Treatment Program is currently in the pre-market stages for licensing to healthcare providers across North America. If you are interested in learning more about licensing the MyoWorx® Treatment Program or partnering with us, please contact us.