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Introducing: The MyoWorx® Concussion Prevention Program


With the rise in concussion awareness in the sports community, it has become clear that steps
need to be taken to react properly when a concussion occurs and do as much as we can to stop
concussions happening in the first place. MyoWorx® has developed a concussion
prevention program that increases neck strength to reduce the chance of sustaining a
concussion if a hit occurs.

Neck Strengthening for Concussion Prevention:

The neck acts as a suspension system for the brain; when the head or body sustains a blow,
the neck is able to absorb some of that force and reduce the back and forth whiplash
movement. A strong neck is able to absorb more force than a weak neck. This is why our
program targets strengthening the specific muscles that are able to reduce whiplash and
prevent or reduce the severity of a concussion.


Contact Us:

If you would like to learn more about our new concussion prevention program, call us at 519-837-0701 or email

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