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Ryan’s Story: Treatment After Three Years

A common belief among our concussion patients is that the longer you have been suffering with post-concussion syndrome (PCS), the less likely it is that anything can help. Many people believe that earlier treatment is more effective. Some have even been told (ironically) that “it’s all in their head!” However, the reality is that most long-time PCS sufferers who receive the MyoWorx® treatment see equally dramatic results as those who have been suffering for just a few days.

Three Years of PCS

Ryan suffered from PCS for 3 years after he received a blow to the head. His main symptoms were headaches, fogginess, and feeling “out of it.” His energy levels had decreased enormously, and he was not able to participate in his usual activities without having to stop early.

After two weeks of the MyoWorx® treatment, Ryan reported feeling at least 70% better. His headaches were reduced, he could concentrate more easily, and his energy levels were much higher – he was able to do some of the activities he used to do without stopping as early due to fatigue.

Concussion Treatment for the Long Term

One of the key factors of success for Ryan was that he was able to maintain his treatment over the long term independently. When Ryan felt symptoms coming on, he was able to complete the appropriate exercises on his own to reduce them, eliminating dependence on any one clinic. That’s because after the initial treatment, MyoWorx® provides patients with the tools to manage their recovery themselves at home.

“It’s not you who is making you feel this way; it’s an injury you have.”

Though PCS can be frustrating and debilitating, Ryan was able to recognize his condition as an injury, and sought appropriate treatment. Don’t let how long you have had symptoms stop you from seeking MyoWorx® concussion treatment.

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Bert Oucharek

B.Sc. (H.K.) Reg. Kin. Vice President of MyoWorx

Bert is the Vice President of MyoWorx® Inc. He has been with Terry Moore and the MyoWorx® Team since its inception in 2008. Bert is a graduate of the University of Guelph Honours Bachelor of…

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