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Myofascial TreatmenT

The MyoWorx® Myofascial Treatment Model is a proprietary methodology that goes beyond symptom management to accurately pinpoint and treat the specific muscles that produce or intensify concussion symptoms.

As the neck acts as a suspension system to protect the brain, brain injuries can have resounding effects upon muscles in the neck and upper back. Damage to neck muscles can cause restricted blood flow to the brain—producing or exacerbating specific concussion-related symptoms. You must treat the affected neck muscles in order to reduce pressure on key nerves, improve blood flow and return the brain to its normal chemical environment. This allows your brain to heal.

The MyoWorx® treatment involves an extensive assessment process that looks at the patient’s complete history, present symptoms and current functional abilities. Unlike other forms of myofascial therapy, only the MyoWorx® Myofascial Treatment Model identifies the specific muscles that are affected based on the symptoms experienced and provides treatment for the concussion. With the use of the MyoWorx® TM20 device, in conjunction with a specifically designed exercise and treatment program, MyoWorx® is able to identify and treat all four categories of symptoms including physical, cognitive, emotional/behavioural and sleep disturbances, through muscle repair and comprehensive treatment.

Concussion Symptoms

Diagram of a brain showing signs of concussion, with restricted blood flow in the neck area
Slow Brain Function

The damage to the muscles of the neck and upper back reduces blood flow to the brain, which can decrease brain function and recovery from the physical, cognitive, emotional/behavioural and sleep disturbance symptoms of concussion.

Myoworx Treatment

Diagram of a brain showing improvement after MyoWorx® treatment and increased blood flow in the neck area
Improved Brain Function

The MyoWorx® concussion treatment system targets the specific muscles that have been injured to decrease tension and increase blood flow to the brain, providing a healthy healing environment to help restore brain function and eliminate symptoms.

Treat the cause and alleviate concussion-related symptoms – 89% of patients suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome improve with the MyoWorx® treatment program.

MyoWorx® TM20 Device

Our proprietary methodology includes the use of the MyoWorx® TM20 device. The MyoWorx® TM20 device can precisely target distressed areas to mimic the body’s natural frequency, relax the muscles, and allow your brain to heal.

It works by delivering a specified sequence of timed and abrupt electrical frequency changes. The frequencies used in the MyoWorx® TM20 treatment decrease the tension of the muscle fibres and lead to greater blood flow. These specific frequencies induce biochemical changes affecting the fatigued or injured muscles. By altering the biochemical changes that occur in these muscles, the treatment restores proper long-term control of blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the muscle. This enables the muscles to completely relax and prepares them for further treatment, accelerating the positive impact of targeted exercises.

Treatment Program

The MyoWorx® teams are made up of friendly, caring and specially trained healthcare professionals. The program begins with a comprehensive and measurable assessment that tracks the patient’s complete history and determines if the MyoWorx® treatment program is right for them.

The initial appointment can take up to 3.5 hours and consists of the assessment, a 30-minute MyoWorx® TM20 treatment and specially designed hands-on treatment with exercise. Subsequent sessions range from 1 to 2 hours.

The MyoWorx® treatment program may be covered by private health insurance policies.

MyoWorx® is currently exclusively available at MMTR Physiotherapy in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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